terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2016


Many centuries ago, when the world was almost entirely covered by forests, there weren't so many people. There were magical beings in large numbers and they spread their presence of light all over the earth.
Humans migrated with some frequency, now because of the rains, then because of the drought, or even due to the lack of food.
There was one thing in common among almost all the terrestrial beings, they established themselves near the rivers because of the water, besides being sacred, it was and it still is the source of everything that is alive in nature.
A clan coming from another place cleared the forest, made noise, brought the fire, overturned old trees and built their habitat, thus forming a village.
Every time the loggers arrived and removed the trees, creating their clearings, the magical beings that lived there for generations, also had to migrate, because once that their homes fell to the ground, they ceased to exist.
The Elves could be of various colors, tiny or giant, it doesn't matter.
It was in one of these days of destruction of the forest that our story begins.

“A black day!” said the king Elf. “Let's go or we are going to perish here, without the woods we lose the magic.”

An excerpt from the book.


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