quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016

The Ogre and the Weaver

Most of the village girls worked as weaver in their ancient looms and the boys who weren't working in the fields would be found at the market selling their products.
At the holidays or Sundays, they usually gathered by the river for a picnic because at that time ordinary people only went to a social event if they were invited into the castle, which happened only a few times during the year.
But let’s keep the story going.
This story isn't about the royalty or their descendants but about ordinary and simple people.
It was a day of rest and everybody were refreshing up in the shade by the river. Djanira and her cousins, Nadja, and Medeia were throwing pebbles in the water when one of them said:
“What do you think of exploring the caves one day? I bet there's hidden treasures.”
Djanira and Medeia laughed incredulous.
“Are you crazy?! These caves have been banned for a long time and since then nobody dares to go beyond the riverbank. Why?”