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THE CURIOUS BOY / The Ogre and the Weaver - book excerpt

Gustavo is a ten-year-old boy, a bit shy, very quiet at school, polite and well-liked by colleagues. He is the youngest of three brothers, a boy of some creativity and inclination to arts. He loves to travel on holidays and usually visits his cousins and grandpa in the countryside in the Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil, but when he is at home he likes to play videogames and to listen to a good story. His mother used to write and whenever she can she tells him something.
One day Guga (that's how everyone calls him) asked: “Mom, all the stories have already been told?”
“Of course not, son, why do you ask? I've told you stories that are not written anywhere. And there are new books with new stories being published every day.”
“No, I was talking about old stories, like Snow White, Cinderella, Cinderella, Puss in Boots.”
“You see, these are classic stories and the most told in the world.
I believe that some of these old stories got lost because they only survive if they are passed on. Do you want an example? The Indian legends were told by old Indian women by the fire, they weren't written down and for obvious reasons they were fading with time. Of course some researchers are rescuing some of them, but most got lost, unfortunately.”
“What is obvious reasons, Mom?”
“I'll explain what is ‘obvious reasons,’ the Indians had gone a long time ago, there are only a small number of them now, a really small number and with them, their stories and legends had gone too.
Look son, here is the deal, I will tell you The Ogre and the Weaver story, which is a story in the old style and it isn't written down anywhere, I'm sure.”
“Of course not, I invented this one when your brothers were very small. True, I have been perfecting it over the years and now it's more well-rounded. I'll tell you tonight, do you want to listen to it?”
“I do, I do, I dooooo!”
“You have just given me a good idea, son!” Muah.

Guerreira Xue

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